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From business to Residential landscaping, we cover it all. contact us today for a free consultation.

Our Services

Yard Maintanance & Cleanup

Regularly subscribe to our weekly, monthly, annual, seasonal, or request a project-based yard maintenance and cleanup. 


Hardscaping is available to create your desired patio area. Regular maintenance in your outdoor living areas.

Irrigation System

Installation and maintenance of your irrigation system. Commercial or residential services are available upon request

Water Features

Include water features in your hardscape designs. Improve or maintain your AZ Desert Oasis with our water feature maintenance services.


Weed prevention and cleanup are available for residential and commercial services. 


Take care of your lawn with PTL Landscaping services on a regular basis. Install a new lawn/turf or treat your existing lawn.


Free Appraisal 

CURB APPEAL landscaping service

PTL Landscaping Services will provide the best commercial property care and maintenance in town. Whether you have a hardscape or softscape need we can design and install it following all the codes and protocols. Our crews are trained to maintain using natural selective pruning methods for plants and trees as well as formal hedging. We tailor all of our hardscape and softscape services to meet the needs of our commercial properties.