Lee Warshawsky – Testimonial

I chose PTL Landscape Services as I was looking for a company that takes pride in their work and listens to their customer’s needs. I had resisted hiring a Landscape company for years as I saw these large crews coming weekly to my neighbor’s homes and basically doing the same work each week, mowing, raking and blowing. My neighbor across the street began using PTL and I noticed a personalized approach taking shape between the homeowner and the contractor. I approached the owner of PTL (Jorge) about the services his company provided and quickly felt comfortable in the knowledge that PTL differentiates itself from its competitors by providing individualized services upon each visit to your home. My experience with PTL has been wonderful! Each week my ¬†landscaping is a reflection of exactly what I expect. Thru various forms and frequency of communication (verbal, email, IM, Text) PTL know¬†what I expect and they always deliver the result!

I highly recommend PTL Landscape Services.

Lee Warshawsky

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