Barbara Wandrey – Arizona Air Balance Co.

Jorge Rochin has been providing landscape services at our place of business for over a year. He has also been providing services at my home periodically.

When Jorge took over the maintenance of our commercial property, it was dreadful. No life, no color, overgrown and downright dismal.

Today, I look out my window and see the purple sage blooming. The butterflies and honey bees are once again visiting. Trash that blows in during the monsoons does not linger for months.

Our owners do not like a sculptured appearance, they prefer a natural look. Jorge respects that request and prunes accordingly.

When Jorge performs services at my home, he is meticulous. He blows and gets the dried leaves out of every cranny.

Jorge is my kind of landscaper. I can email or text him with communication if necessary. He always responds in a timely fashion so we both can carry on and do our jobs.

I highly recommend the landscape services of Jorge Rochin.



Barbara Wandrey – Administrator

Arizona Air Balance
Arizona Air Balance

624 S. Perry Lane, Ste 101, Tempe, AZ 85281

Office: 480-966-2001 / Fax: 480-966-2197

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